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Are you ready to join in Yongsheng?

◆ Agree with yongsheng business management mode and accept the qualification examination of yongsheng agents;In line with the strategic direction of the company, I agree with the development ideas and policies of yongsheng and fully implement the company policies.

◆Have the brand to join the agent operation management, has the industrial manufacture, the valve industry background is preferred;Have good investment concept and the corresponding capital strength.

◆  Efficient and stable business team, rich channels and brand resources are preferred.Having or being able to get the best opening position in the regional mainstream is preferred

1、Original membership application form

2、Copy of Original duplicate of Business License

3、Account opening permit

4、Copy of General taxpayer qualification certificate

5、Three system certification

6、Financial statements for the last three years

7、Copy of legal representative id card

8、Copy of sales manager id card

One copy each of the above information (with official seal required)

Sent to zhejiang Yongsheng co., LTD. (receiver zhang Shaoming, lushan industrial park, fuyang district, hangzhou city, zhejiang province, 13777569568)

Six great core advantages make tens of millions of merchants

(1)The entire industrial chain of goods and quality assurance

The huge production scale, the strong brand strength, gives the solid guarantee

(2)Industrial control valves integrated solutions provider

Invest large amount of technology capital every year, support manufacturing, research and development, provide more professional industrial control valves

(3)Mature project cooperation model

A complete set of mature cooperation model, comprehensive promotion of marketing activities to achieve double performance

(4)Brand development and marketing support

High frequency, high exposure.Each major media platform expends huge sum of money, for the product brand high speed, large area dissemination

(5)Professional pre-sales technical support

Practical professional pre-sales training, technical support, help new business quickly to get started, quick profits

(6)Lifetime product service

In the case of non-human, any failure of the product can enjoy lifelong free warranty repair.


1、General Leader:

Chairman Zhang Yongliang:0571-63488888

Main responsibilities: confirmation and authorization of agents, market operation support, annual inspection of agents, product regional publicity and promotion plan confirmation;

2、Contract contact:

Wu Guojun:0571-63160801;18858169111

Main responsibilities: coordination of contract terms and conditions, qualification of agents and review of materials;

3、Business Consulting & Information contacts:

Zhang Shaoming:0571-63488882;13777569568

Mainly responsible for: agents and certification of authorization of production and distribution, project information, samples, price list and publicity materials, agent marketing personnel’s training arrangement, product publicity and promotion plan to submit and implement contact tracing, the distribution agent’s business.

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