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Silicone polysilicon

With the rapid development of information technology and solar energy industry, the global demand for polysilicon grows rapidly and the market demand exceeds supply. China is the most potential market for organic silicon products. In recent years, the consumption of organic silicon monomers in China has gradually increased. However, there are problems with the transportation of silicon powder, whether it is polysilicon or silicone. According to the characteristics of pneumatic conveying silicon powder, the valve needs to guarantee its high degree of sealing and erosion resistance. At present, under the premise of no major improvement in production process, choosing the right valve is the preferred solution.

Case presentation

Inner Mongolia Ordos Polysilicon Co., Ltd.
8000 tons of high-purity, low-energy polysilicon material technological transformation project

Three-phase expansion project

Annual Production of 100,000 Tons of Polysilicon Phase I Project (New Slag High Boiler Data Sheet)

Zhejiang Fujit Silicon Materials Co., Ltd.