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Pharmaceutical pesticides

With the development of the pesticide and pharmaceutical industry, the requirements for cleaning, sterilizing, and sealing reaction equipment have become increasingly stringent in the manufacture of pesticides and pharmaceuticals. Therefore, the valves used in working conditions often require zero leakage to prevent the drugs from being contaminated during the manufacturing process. The entire operating space is free of irritating odors and smoke, which imposes strict requirements on the valve manufacturing industry. At the same time, under the development trend of the pesticide industry, various types of valves will be more widely used in the pesticide and pharmaceutical industries.

Case presentation

Shandong Guobang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
API project

Liaoning Shixing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Hydrogen production plant, p-aminophenol plant

20,000 tons of high-level vitamin E life nutrition products and other project industrial park phase I project

Leshan City, Sichuan Province, Fuhua Tongda Pesticide Technology Co., Ltd.
Chloromethyl Glyphosate Imported Emptying Butterfly Valve, Chloromethyl Dimethyl Ether Intake Butterfly Valve, Phosphorus Trichloride Chlorine Gas Regulator, Phosphorus Trichloride Phosphoric Acid Hot Water Control Valve Project

Jiangsu Huifeng Agrochemical Co., Ltd.
HF06 phosphinothric acid project/pesticide project engineering center raises epoxiconazole/G40 project, etc.

Jiangxi Yiyi Chemical Co., Ltd.
Fungicides, insecticides and pesticides intermediates NC100 Iprodione Project

Jiangsu Yuyutai Chemical Co., Ltd.
7400T/A Primary Drug Project Phase I Project

Pesticide formulation and water soluble fertilizer