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Power Industry

With the sustained and rapid development of China’s national economy, it has put forward very urgent requirements for China’s energy industry. At present, China has formulated policies based on thermal power, vigorously developing hydropower, and appropriately developing new energy sources, such as nuclear power and wind power. The construction of nuclear power in China is undergoing trial and compensation adjustments to strategic and aggressive development. This is an excellent development opportunity for China’s nuclear power business, and the huge demand for nuclear power station valves has brought about a broad market prospect for domestic and foreign valve manufacturers.

Case presentation

Xinjiang Thermal Power Project

Hebei Jiantou Renqiu Thermal Power Co., Ltd.
2×350MW Supercritical Coal-fired Heating Unit Project

Zhejiang Thermal Power Jiaxing Power Plant Phase III
Ultra-supercritical 2×1000 MW unit

Indonesia Malazawa coal-fired power station project

Huadian Foshan Energy Co., Ltd.
Huadian Sanshui Industrial Park Natural Gas Distributed Energy Station Project

Datang Dengzhou Biomass Thermal Power Co., Ltd.