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Chemical fiber industry

Since the 20th century, chemical fibers began to be produced with the development of polymer materials. The advent of chemical fiber has changed the history of human beings as the only raw material for textile fibers for thousands of years, and has opened up broad prospects for obtaining new and more superior textile fibers. The raw materials of chemical fiber come from petroleum, natural gas, coal, and by-products of agriculture and forestry. With the rapid growth of the petroleum industry, the development of varieties, quantities, and technological levels of synthetic fibers far exceeds the production of man-made fibers. Chemical fiber industry in the production process, the safety and stability of the pipe system is the key to production, valve products need to be able to deal with complex conditions in the chemical fiber pipe system, so that the production process of the pipe system to run more freely.

Case presentation

Jilin Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
Chemical fiber project filament device

Sateri Fiber Co., Ltd.
160,000 tons differentiated chemical fiber project

Indonesia PT.RUM
Annual output of 100,000 tons viscose staple fiber project

Jiangsu Xiangsheng Viscose Fiber Co., Ltd.
Phase I, II, III Viscose Staple Fiber and Waste Gas Treatment Project

Viscose Staple Fiber Engineering and Waste Gas Treatment Project

Xinxiang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.
Lithium bromide steam regulating valve device


Hengtian Baoding Swan Chemical Fiber Group

Tangshan Sanyou Group